Gennie Shifter

Gennie Shifter Manufacturing the highest quality street rod parts since 1982 - Durable,Adjustable, Easy to Install, Made in Denver.

Gennie Shifter have been manufacturing their street rod parts since the 80's, based in Denver, America; Gennie Shifter produce high quality products for a range of applications.
Primarily producing shifters, Gennie's product line includes:

  • Shifters - Gennie's Cmmander Series, Lo-Shift, Swan Double Bend Shifters, Lo-Stik shifter assembly, The perfect shifter arm 
  • Shifter Mounting Brackets, Shifter Accessories and Shifter Knobs
  • Hand Brakes
  • Cables - kickdown cables , carburettor bracket & return spring, throttle cables, brake cables & accessories and more
  • Dipsticks
  • Pedals
  • Hood Prop
Contact our team at Superformance for all of your Gennie Shifter needs, we are the leading Austrlian supplier of gennie Shifter products and we can source any part you want for your vehicle.

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