• Storing Boats, Caravans and Cars.
  • Mostly outside with limited undercover storage available.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Site is not visible from the road and is secured with a chain mesh fence.

Ask us about cleaning, detailing, repairs and servicing on your Boat, Car or Caravan whilst with us. Have your pride and joy glistening ready for your collection.


Storage Testimonials

Greg J.

"When moving to Brisbane to live, my beloved Street Machine broke down. One call to Superformance, not only had my car repaired and on the road again quickly, but they stored my car safely for me until i had a garage to lock it away.

Thanks Superformance"

Sue M.

"When we were unable to tow our Caravan all the way from South Australia to Queensland each year for our winter escape from the cold we called Superformance.

The people there are great. Our caravan is well cared for, we simply call ahead when we want it. The Superformance team cleans it for us and brings it out the front of their premises for collection.

Thankyou Superformance"

Steve J.

"When we moved from a house with a large yard to a unit with no space the last thing i wanted to do was get rid of my boat. Thanks to Superformance i can keep my Boat and still use it whenever i want to. They also take care of all my servicing needs.


FAQ Storage

Q. What is the minimum storage period?
A. Our minimum charge is for a Month. Should you wish to store for less than a month, that is fine but you will still need to pay for a month.

Q. What is the maximum storage period?
A. The maximum storage period is for twelve months. At the end of twelve months a new contract can be entered in to.

Q. How do I get charged?
A. Charges are in advance

Q. Is the Storage period flexible?
A. Yes the period is flexible

Q. Can I get my vehicle, Boat or Car cleaned or repaired whilst stored?
A. Yes all of the above can be done.