Custom Vehicle Builds - Complete or in stages

Are you looking to start your own custom car project? Superformance has over 40 years experience as Brisbane's leading custom classic car builder and specialises in a keen attention to detail and quality builds, ensuring your vehicle is built to the highest of show standards with no corners cut.

Whether it's a modded restoration from start to finish, an electric conversion, or modifying your classic car, the experienced team at Superformance do it all as a one-stop shop. Remove the headache of taking your vehicle to multiple different shops only to be told it needs more work and then be left with a low-quality, corner-cutting build, and instead take it to Superformance. The Superformance team offers Brisbane's highest expertise in custom automotive fabrication, paint and panel, engine swapping, drivetrain modification, custom suspension, parts supply, mechanical knowledge, and decades of custom building experience. No matter the style or extent of your build, Contact the team at Superformance and look forward to driving in your own custom vehicle.

Custom Classic car Builder

1934 Ford Coupe Painted Green at Superformance Australia

Custom Paint and Panel

Superformance offers high-end custom paint and panel work for classic vehicles and Hot Rods. Our in-house spray booth, located in Brisbane's Capalaba, paired with our meticulous paint specialists, are known for creating some of Australia's cleanest award-winning builds and quality spray jobs. Whether it be a complete vehicle respray or just parts, Superformance supplies unmatched attention to detail and paint quality, ensuring your custom vehicle looks its absolute best. Simply contact the team at Superformance for all your custom paint and panel needs.

Performance Upgrades
From Mild to Wild!

Looking to give your ride a performance upgrade or overhaul? Our expertise in performance parts means we can both supply and install the right and best part for your needs. Whether it be engine, suspension, differential or transmisison, our experts will upgrade your vehicle to drive better than ever, while ensuring modificaiton legality and vehicle reliability. We also offer IFS upgrade kits to ugprade handling performance, click here to learn more about our IFS kits. The experienced team at Superformance offer both mild and wild performance upgrades, so whatever your style, simply contact the team at Superformance.

Performance Upgrades

Performance Automotive parts Sourcing Australia, Brisbane, Capalaba

Parts Sourcing
Our One Stop Superstore!

When you need parts for your classic vehicle, it's a headache searching through catalogues and endless websites only to find the wrong part that you can’t even import into Australia. With our dedicated parts team, we are able to find, supply, and import any part you need for your classic vehicle from overseas or here in Australia. Importing American car parts into Australia requires careful consideration, but Superformance is here to help make this process smoother for automotive enthusiasts across the country.

We can supply engine parts, suspension, differential, crate engines, transmisison, wheels, fasteners, mounts, electrical, steering, and much more for any classic vehicle, including American vehicles requiring parts from the USA. Whatever your parts need may be, Superformance is here to find you the right part for the right price. Simply contact the friendly Superformance team.

General Servicing

Have you hit the next service milestone on your ride and are looking for a place to take your pride and joy knowing that it will be in good hands. Look no further than our experienced team at Superformance. With over 35 years industry experience specifically in the street rodding game, we know exactly how to treat your vehicle.

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Repairs - Insurance / General

If you have had an unfortunate accident which left your pride and joy damaged then bring it down to Superformance and we can rejuvenate your vehicle. Specialising in Street Rods, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and the like aswell as American Pickup Trucks if you have some accident damage that needs repairing or parts that need sourcing we have you covered. Depending on the circumstances usually replacement panels or parts will be available to get you back on the road promptly. Or in the uncommon vehicle cases we can fabricate up replacement panels or parts for metal body or fibreglass applications.

Australia's Leading Street Machine, Hot Rod, Muscle Car & Street Rod Builder & Service Provider.

Here at Superformance we have been carrying out vehicle repairs and modifications for more than thirty years. Here is a list of just some of our services. Anything from a simple repair to a "Turn Key Car"

  • Brake Upgrades
  • Chassis Building and Modifications
  • Custom Paint and Panel
  • Differential Fabrication, Repairs and Modifications
  • Engine Building and Modifications
  • Engine Swaps & Installs
  • Insurance Repair
  • Log book servicing for collectable Street Machines,
    Muscle Cars, Street Rods, American Vehicles
  • Radiators Custom Built
  • Repairs
  • Rust Repairs
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Transmission Repairs, Overhauls, Swaps
  • Torque Converters Built or Repaired
  • Upholstery
  • Wiring

Contact us for all of your Building, Servicing and Project Needs