Parts Sourcing

Superformance have been Australia's leading part supplier for custom classic vehicles for over 40+ years, offering part importation and sourcing to ensure you get the right part for the right application.

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Finding the right replacement parts for classic vehicles is a challenging task, especially in Australia. Quality parts for these cars are often manufactured and located in the USA, or located elsewhere in Australia, making it an expensive nightmare to get them into your hands. Navigating the logistics of shipping car parts from the United States to Australia can also be daunting; the distance, shipping costs, and the intricacies of customs regulations can be overwhelming for individual enthusiasts.

Superformance bridges this gap by offering parts sourcing for a diverse range of American automotive parts from major brands both available for direct import and already stocked in-store in Brisbane. Importing American car parts into Australia requires careful consideration, but Superformance is here to help make this process smoother for your next build. We can supply engine parts, suspension, differential, crate engines, transmisison, wheels, fasteners, mounts, electrical, steering, and much more for any classic vehicle, including American vehicles requiring parts imported from the USA.

Fast american parts sourcing in Brisbane, Australia

Simply contact us and our friendly parts team will assist you in finding the right part, for the right purpose, for the right price. Whether it be located overseas in the USA or in Australia, our expertise and connections means we can supply the part you need without hassle. 

Visit our online store for certain stocked items: or call/contact us today and let the friendly team source the part you need.