1965 Ford Mustang Widebody

Vehicle Details:

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang Coupe
Year: 1965
Engine: Small Block Ford
Transmission: GM T400 Auto
Differential: Ford 9 Inch with Independant Rear Suspension

Work Done:

  • Twin Turbo 400+ cubic inch Ford Windsor
  • Custom widebody fabrication
  • IFS & IRS Suspension
  • Custom interior complete with modern features

A unique Mustang build featuring on the tv show "Rides Down Under: Workshop Wars" on channel 7Mate. This build will feature a tremendous amount of custom sheet metal body modifications including a full one-of-kind widebody upgrade, clean engine bay sheet metal, new interior sheet metal, and upholstery. The driveline will include a street-freindly 1000HP twin turbo small block Ford Windsor.


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