1969 Holden HT Monaro

Vehicle Details:

Make: Holden
Model: HT Monaro
Year: 1969
Engine: Small Block Chevrolet 383ci
Transmission:GM T350
Differential: Ford 9 Inch

Work Done:

  • Complete Restomod Build
  • Custom IFS Kit + Rear 4 Link Suspension
  • New 383ci Stroker Small Block Chevrolet Crate Engine
  • Custom Paint from our in-house Spray Booth
  • Panel completed in-house
  • New Custom Modern Interior

This is the 1969 Holden Monaro featured in the Workshop Wars Rides Down Under TV Show on Channel 7 Mate. Taking the car to bare metal revealed mountains of rust with heaps of metal work needed. Fitted with a Superformance-made Monaro Independent Front Suspension Kit (IFS) with a 4 link rear suspension system, along with a Small Block Chevrolet 383ci Stroker engine and GM TH350 driveline with a Ford 9 Inch Differential.


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