1955 Ford F100

Vehicle Details:

Make: Ford
Model: F100 Pickup
Year: 1955
Engine: 383ci Small Block Chevrolet
Transmission: GM T350
Differential: Ford 9 Inch

Work Done:

  • Complete Chassis Restoration and Respray
  • New In-house F100 IFS kit + 4 Link System
  • Steering Upgrade
  • Wiring Rectifications
  • Exhuast Modification and Fabrication

Another Ford F100 that came in with poorly engineered suspension. We upgraded this F100 to the Superformance 1953-66 F100 Independent Front Suspension (IFS) System and Rear 4 Link Suspension, significantally improving handling performance. Along with In-house fabricated custom engine mounts, full chassis repaint in our in-house spray booth, exhaust system fabrication, and electrical rewiring.


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