1947 Ford Jailbar Truck

Vehicle Details:

Make: Ford
Model: Jailbar Truck
Year: 1947
Engine: Bigblock Ford
Transmission: Ford C6 Automatic
Differential: DANA 70

Work Done:

  • Complete Ground Up Restoration
  • Chassis Swap with DRW + Custom IFS Fitted
  • Engine & Transmission Rebuild
  • Major Rust Repairs + Paint

Shipped all the way from Victorio for a complete build using an F350 chassis. A custom IFS is being installed into the chassis along with a 4 link suspension upgrade in the rear. The tired Big Block Ford is being reconditioned along with a camshaft to suit this radical Hotrod. The Jailbar body is heavily rusted, so bulk metal work will be need and a new spray from our in-house spray booth, finished in the traditional paint colour of the era with a subtle modern twist on the custom interior finish.


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