1976 LX Torana Hatch

Vehicle Details:

Model: LX Torana
Year: 1976
Engine: 350ci Small block Chevrolet
Transmission: GM TH350
Differential: Ford 9 Inch

Work Done:

  • Complete Bare Metal Respray
  • SBC, TH350, 9" Ford Diff Driveline Upgrade
  • Superformance Custom Independant Front Suspenion (IFS)
  • Full Custom Built Exhaust System
  • Custom Interior

Another classic 1976 LX Torana in for the complete Superformance works. The body was stripped to bare metal and resprayed in our in-house Brisbane spray booth to an original factory colour. Superformance Holden LX Torana Independent Front Suspension (IFS) was installed to improve handling performance, along with a Ford 9 Inch Differential installed in the rear to handle the new 350ci Small Block Chevrolet crate engine upgrade to the driveline.


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