Electric EV Classic Car Conversions Brisbane

Superformance is Australia's leading custom car builder of electric car conversions for classic & vintage vehicles in Brisbane, Australia.


Classic Electric Dodge converted to an electric vintage car

Looking for a quality car builder for an electric car conversion for your classic vehicle?

Superformance prides itself on a "no corners cut" approach to vehicle builds. With an unmatched track record of custom car building for over 40+ years, Superformance are Australia's highest-end builders of the cleanest and highest quality classic electric car conversions.

We understand EV conversions are complicated, and your average custom car builder simply doesn't have the expertise and experience to confidently work with modern EV systems. Converting a classic into an electric car requires extensive knowledge, skills, planning, engineering, fabrication, and experience to be able to get the best result and with full road legality. That's why Superformance has been so well trusted by Australian automotive enthusiasts for over 40 years, by always aiming to go above and beyond what other custom car shops can offer by providing the best customer experience and highest attention-to-detail builds.

Our expert team of highly skilled car builders means we can not only provide electric car conversions, but also serve as a one-stop-shop for your entire car build, providing suspension upgrades, drivetrain overhauls, custom paint work, custom panel beating, full vehicle restoration, parts sourcing, and much more. We build our electric cars to the highest of standards, ensuring full road legality while remaining safe for you as a driver.


See our previous EV covnersion builds.

View our Dodge D100 Tesla conversion by clicking here.


Why choose an electric conversion over traditional custom petrol cars?

It's no secret that classic electric vehicles are gaining huge popularity thanks to their capability for insane power & acceleration with incredible relability and efficiency. Our highly regarded Dodge D100 Tesla build makes an estimated 1000+ horsepower reliabily through its dual tesla motors. Converting classic cars into electric vehicles is an excellent way to blend the modern technology of car performance with the superior style of classic & vintage cars. The major benefits of electric conversions over traditional vehicle restorations include:

  • Superior power performance
  • Superior reliability to high-power combustion engines
  • nstant torque of electric motors at 0kph provides insane acceleration
  • Lower maintence and fuel costs
  • Future-proofs your custom car for the future market
  • High availability of repalcement parts going into the future


What cars can Superformance convert to electric?

Our highly-skilled team of engineers, fabricators, mechanics, and auto-electricians are able to convert any vehicle of any age to an EV. However, we specialise in converting classic cars, such as Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Holden, and more. We understand every car is unique and that there's no "one size fits all" when it comes to electric conversions, that's why we are dedicated to ensuring your build is tailored exactly to your vehicle and your dream.


How can you get your classic vehicle converted to electric?

Choosing Superformance means you’re not just getting a conversion; you’re gaining a partner in your classic car journey who genuinely understands the passion we have for our enthusiast vehicles. If you're looking for a custom EV conversion, we would be more than happy to discuss your vision and make it a reality. Our workshop is located in Brisbane, Australia and has limited spots available for your next build.

Simply contact us and let's make your dream car a reality.