American Racing

American Racing Wheels are a longstanding wheel manufacturing company in the United States, famous for their timeless muscle car wheels the torq thrust (as seen below) as well as their Baja wheels on the mid size truck scene (see below).

Superformance provides American Racing Wheels in all sizes and styles. If you are looking for American Racing Wheels in Australia then contact the team at Superformance, we are based in Brisbane but we can ship Australia wide and even worldwide.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from in all sizes possible, 14" | 15" | 16" | 17" | 18" | 19" | 20" | 21" | 22" Wheels.

Below are a small sample of Wheels created by American Racing, to have a look at their full range have a look at their website with the link below.

American Racing Wheels Website Link

Then contact the team at Superformance with the style and size you are looking for and we can source them for you.

VN405 Torq Thrust 2 (II) American Racing Wheels AR172 Baja American Racing Wheels in Satin Black VN470 Salt Flat American Racing Wheels
VN405 Torq Thrust 2 (II)
in Chrome
AR172 Baja Wheels
in Satin Black
VN470 Salt Flat Wheels
with Grey Centre
VN105 Torq Thrust D American Racing Wheels VN450 Hopster American Racing Wheels AR683 Casino American Racing Wheels
VN105 Torq Thrust D
in Grey
VN450 Hopster Wheels
2-piece Chrome
AR683 Casino Wheels
in Chrome


Please Contact Us for information on purchasing and fitting these products.