Budnik Wheels

Budnik are a wheel manufacturing company that specialise in forged tooling, they produce stylish and durable wheels for road use aswell as producing a collection of steering wheels aswell.
Superformance have been supplying Budnik wheels in Australia for a long time, we can source any Wheel or Steering Wheel product available from Budnik.

Budnik produce a wide range of Wheels for the automotive industry, including: G Series, X Series, SKO (Splined Knock Off) Series, Surfaced Series, 6 Lug Series and their HDX 8 Lug Series.
To have a look at all the wheel options available from Budnik, check out their website with the link below.
Budnik Wheel Options Link

Below are a small sample of wheels produced by Budnik Wheels. To see the full range click the link above.

Chisel 6 Budnik Wheels Australia 6 Lug Series E85 Budnik Wheels Australia Surfaced Wheels Series Famosa SKO Budnik Wheels Australia Spin Knock Off Series
6 Lug Series
Surfaced Series
Famosa SKO
Splined Knock-Off Series
Shock-8 Budnik Wheels Australia HDX 8 lug Series Sweeper Budnik Wheels Australia X Series Tungsten L Budnik Wheels Australia G Series
HDX 8 Lug Series
X Series
G Series

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