Cometic Gaskets are the worlds leading supplier of short-run and custom gaskets for the aftermarket automotive industry. Cometic produce performance aftermarket gaskets for various engine types and models. Cometic produce their gaskets out of only the best materials for the job including their multi layered steel Head gaskets, Aluminium Foamet instead of the industry standard paper used on their Intake, Carburetor, Water Pump and other various gaskets. Armor Clad  is used for their Exhaust gaskets, Viton for their Valve Stem Seals and Nitrile with Steel Spline for their Valve Cover gaskets.

If you need performance and reliability out of your gaskets, then go for Cometic the industy leading gasket manufacturer and the best place to get Cometic Gaskets in Australia is straight from Superformance; We keep a range of Cometic Gaskets on hand in our store at Capalaba for a range of various popular engine models, We can also order any Cometic gasket in for you straight from the manufacturers.
So if you need Cometic Gaskets contact us at Superformance.

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