Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires are a tyre manufacturer that have been producing their large range of tyres for over 100 years. Cooper offer the largest range of 4WD Tyres on the market and have a tyre solution for every situation, ranging from Highway Terrain Tyres to their extreme offroading Heavy Duty All Terrain Tyre's; Cooper Tires have a tyre solution for you. And the best place to get Cooper Tyres is from Superformance, we are an Australian supplier of Cooper Tyres and we can source any tyre size and model required for your vehicle. So contact us today to get your set of tyres underway.

Cooper Tyres are offered in a range of Tyre Series including their: H/T - Highway Terrain Series, H/T PLUS, HT3, CTS - SUV Premium Touring, CS5 - SUV Light Duty Touring Series, ZEON XST-A - Premium Highway Terrain, ZEON LTZ - All-Terrain Sports, A/T3 - All-Terrain Series, A/T3, S/T MAXX - Heavy Duty All-Terrain  and their STT - Super Traction Tyre Series.

For a full look at the tyre options provided by Cooper Tires click the link below to open up their online catalogue pdf.

Cooper Tyres 2011 Online Catalogue (.pdf) 12.3Mb

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