Crower are a leading American manufacturer of High Performance engine components for automotive applications. For over 50 years Crower have been producing quality aftermarket engine components, using American-made materials Crower's products are of the highest quality and design. If you want performance out of your engine then Crower is the best brand to turn to, with their products ranging from high performance Camshafts down to Clutch Kits Crower will have the products you need and the best place to get Crower products is with us at Superformance, we are a long standing Australian Supplier of Crower products, we can source any Crower product for you straight from the manufacturers.

Crower products include:  Camshafts in a large range of specifications mild to wild, Camshaft Accessories & Components, Clutch Kits, Connecting Rods, Connecting Rod Accessories Nuts & Bolts, Crankshafts, Distributor Gears, Engine Oil Additives, Fuel Pump Pushrods, Guide plates, Lifters, Main Bearings & Spacer Kits, Huge range of Pushrods, Pushrod Length Checkers, Rev Kits & Replacement Parts, Rocker Arms & Rocker Arm Components including Mounting Stands/Nuts/Screws/Shim Kits/Studs & Stud Girdles, Rod Bearings, Timing Chain and Gear Sets, Valve Locks, Valve Springs & Components including Retainer Kits/Locators/Shims and Seals and Valves.

If you need Crower components in Australia contact the team at Superformance.

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