Delkor Batteries

Delkor Automotive Batteries are known to be one of the best batteries in the world. They produce a range of batteries in different sizes and cranking amperage's. Delkor battery range includes their Calcium/Calcium Battery which is their standard aftermarket replacement battery suitable for most Australian, American and European automotive applications.
If you need a battery to handle under severe conditions, then Delkor offers a Silver Calcium battery which provides outstanding performance and durability in even the most extreme of circumstances.
Lastly Delkor have their AGM range which is their replacement battery range for modern vehicles with high electrical demands such as start/stop switches, luxury vehicles with a lot of accessories under high load and other heavy electrical environments such as commercial vehicles or Taxis.

If you need a new battery for your automotive vehicle, contact the team at Superformance and ask about a Delkor to suit your needs.
here at Superformance we are Australia's leading Delkor Battery supplier and can provide you with any Delkor product you require.

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