Disc Brakes Australia

Disc Brakes Australia better known as DBA are manufacturers of aftermarket automotive brake rotors and brake pads. They have a huge range of products available for Australian domestic and international vehicles.
Their rotors are available in a small range of series including their Street Series Rotors which are high quality rotors designed for everyday street driving conditions, available as a standard OE replacement rotor or an aftermarket T2 slot or X-Gold Cross Drilled design.
4X4 Survival brake series are for SUV's and 4WD's that want to improve safety and performance.
HD Series are the next level up from the Street Series and these HD Series provide an improved design aesthetically and have increased braking performance.
Lastly DBA offer their Club Spec Road & Race Series Rotors which are their most advanced rotor design for use in the most extreme applications such as racing vehicles or heavy horsepower road applications, Rotors are available as a one piece or a 2 piece T3 slot design.

To find out what brake rotors and pads are offered for your vehicles look at their online catalogue with the link below.
DBA Online Catalogue Link

When you have found the right product for you contact the team at Superformance and enquire about DBA brake rotors and pads or your vehicle. Superformance are the leading Queensland supplier of DBA Brake Rotors and Products, if you need DBA brake parts then contact us today.

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