Dunlop tyres started off in 1888 in Belfast, Ireland with the goal to improve the quality and performance of tyres for the world. from racetrack tyres to daily driving all terrain tyres, Dunlop make them all.
Dunlop make a large selection of tyres for the automotive industry including Car Tyres, 4WD / Offroad Tyres, Pickup / Light Commercial Tyres, Truck Tyres, Motorcycle Tyres and Racing Tyres.

To find the right tyre for your vehicle have a look at Dunlop's online tyre lookup with the link below.
Dunlop Tyres Website

Once you know what tyre is right for you; contact the team at Superformance to source your Dunlop tires. We carry a select range on hand and can also directly import any tyre required so contact us today to get your Dunlop tyres underway.

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