Flowtech Exhaust are an aftermarket performance exhaust components manufacturer, they are a part of the Holley group and as such produce parts of the highest quality.
Flowtech Exhaust produce a select range of Exhaust components for common engine applications.
Their product range includes:

  • A wide range of Headers including Shorty Smog Headers, Full length car and pickup headers, Y-pipes, Block Huggers and a range of direct fit replacement headers.
  • Mufflers
  • Catbacks
  • H-Pipes & X-Pipes
  • Exhaust Tips
  • Exhaust Components & Accessories
To enquire about any Flowtech product that may be suitable for your vehicle contact the team here at Superformance, we have been an Australian supplier of Flowtech Exhaust components for several years now. We keep a select range of Flowtech products on shelf for our commonly sold applications aswell we can order any Flowtech product not kept on hand, direct from the United States.

Please Contact Us for information on these products.