Foose wheels are an American wheel manufacturer that produce wheels based on Chip Foose's designs featured on the popular TV Show 'Overhaulin'.

Here at Superformance we are an Australian supplier of Foose Wheels, we can directly import and provide any Foose product you may want including their wheels or apparel that they produce.
If you need any Foose product then contact us today and enquire about Chip Foose's Wheels or apparel.

Foose wheels come in sizes of 18inch to 24inch in a range of offsets to suit RWD and FWD.
To view the complete range of Wheels offered by the Foose brand, click this link: Foose Wheels Website Link

A small sample of Foose Wheels are featured below, to see the complete collection check out their website on the link above.

Ascot Knock Off Cap Foose Wheels Australia Enforcer Foose Wheels Australia in Black Fishtail G Chip Foose Wheels Australia
Ascot w/ Knock Off Caps Enforcer Fishtail G
Imperial Chip Foose Wheels Australia Legend 6 Chip Foose Wheels Australia Outcast Chip Foose Wheels Australia in Black
Imperial Legend 6 spoke Outcast


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