Full River

Full River Batteries are a Quality American made automotive battery manufacturing company that provide a large selection of batteries to the automotive world. Fullriver battery range includes:

  • DCG Series - Gel Battery for Deep Cycle Service
  • DC Series - AGM Batteries for Deep Cycle Service
  • HC Series - AGM Batteries for High Cranking Service applications
  • HGL Series - AGM Battery for Periodic Deep Cycle or Stand By Use
  • FSG Series - Gel Batteries for Solar and Remote Area Power Systems
  • FAT Series - Front Access Terminal Batteries for Telecom/IT Applications
  • HGXL Series - 2V Stationary Batteries
  • HGHL Series - AGM Batteries for High Rate Discharge Service applications.
To have a look at Full Rivers complete range of batteries to see sizing and ratings, check out their catalogue below
Full River Battery Catalogue

If you need a full river battery for your automotive car, pickup or bike contact our team at Superformance, we are an Australian supplier of Full River Batteries and we can source any battery product you may require.

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