Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive Australia

Superformance is an Australia supplier of GearVendors Under/Overdrive products. We have Under/Overdive units available for over 1500 different Dodge, Ford, General Motors, and Mopar transmission types and configurations for sale, including TH400/TH350 transmisisons and Cummins engines.

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Picture this, you’re driving down the highway and your engine is sitting at 4000rpm, you know this isn’t the most fuel efficient or healthy for your engine, but you don’t have a choice, do you? Your final drive ratio means your highway driving will lead to premature engine wear and lower fuel efficiency and you can’t do anything about it. But you can. If you had invested in an overdrive system such as the highly regarded GearVendors Under/Overdrive supplied by Superformance, you could have saved between 20-28% in fuel mileage and significantly reduced your engine wear, saving you time and money.


But what does overdrive actually do?

An overdrive unit bolts on to your already existing transmission and allows for an electronic toggle to switch between final drive ratios so that you can lower your rpm at higher speeds and save your engine (and your wallet!). This means the GearVendors Under/Overdrive basically pays for itself! Due to the phenomenal engineering and efficiency of the GearVendors Under/Overdrive, it can handle up to 2000hp and the loss in wheel horsepower is less than 1 per 400hp.


But why is the GearVendors Under/Overdrive so popular?

Why does it hold 2 world records in drag racing, 4 off-roading titles, several land speed records and used by majority of cars at drag week? Well, due to the high popularity and production volume of the under/overdrive, GearVendors can sustain a level of engineering far beyond the industry standard for a very reasonable price. The easy installation also contributes to its popularity, with some simple wiring, a bolt-on installation to your transmission and a shortened driveshaft being all that’s required. It also uses its own fluid to stop cross-contamination with your transmission and requires no cooling whatsoever regardless of power, something you can’t do if you’re just converting horsepower to heat. And because of its popularity, there’s an overdrive unit available for over 1500 different Dodge, Ford, and General Motors transmission types and configurations, with the choice of up to 1000hp or over 1000hp units.

So regardless of whether you’ve got a 1800hp drag car or a weekend cruiser, GearVendors Under/Overdrive will save you time and money by reducing your engine wear and significantly increasing your fuel economy.


So how do you get one?

As this product is built in the United States, you’ll need Australian supplier Superformance to get one. As well as just supplying them to anywhere in Australia, Superformance can also fully install them in your vehicle. Superformance Brisbane is one of Australia’s largest performance automotive superstores and custom vehicle shops and has supplying and installing overdrive units to Australia for over 25 years.

For a better look at Gear Vendor products, check out their website with the link below:
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