Headwinds are an American manufacturer that specialise in Custom Headlights. Headwinds create quality innovative headlights that feature smooth mirror finishes, no exposed bolts/rivets/flanges and are all made from Billet Aluminium.
They have an extensive range of Headlights and accessories to cater to all Street Rod and Hot Rod applications.

Superformance is an Australian supplier for all headwind Headlight products, we can source any part you need directly from Headwinds, so contact us today and enquire about a set of custom headlights for your Street Rod or Hot Rod.

  • Headlight brackets come in either a Chevrolet or Ford style mount
  • Headlights are available in three sizes: 7" inch / 5-3/4" inch / 4-1/2" inch
  • Headlight Housings can be engraved in three options: Smooth, Flames or Spider Web
  • Headlight Housing options can be seen in the image below
  • Headlight mounts come in a range of options, contact us for more info on the right mounts for your vehicle
  • Headlamps are available in all sizes with different options, contact us for more info
  • All Headlights can have an external Turn Signal on the same mount, they come in 1-3/8" inch / 2" inch / 3" inch 
    in either red clear or amber lenses.
  • Also Headlight accessories and replacement parts are available

Featured below are the Headlight housing options available from Headwinds custom headlight range.
Headwinds Custom Headlights Australia Street Rod & Hot Rod Headlights

Please Contact Us for information on these products.