Heatshield Products

Heatshield Products Inc are manufacturers of thermal automotive products, specifically in reducing heat influence on engine components. See below for their catalogue which has a list of all products offered by Heatshield. Once you know what heatshield products you want contact the team at Superformance so we can source them for you. We are long standing Australian supplier of Heatshield products and we can source any of their products direct from the supplier.

Heatshield product line includes the following:

  • Exhaust Insulation - Header Armor, Heatshield Armor, Premium Exhaust & Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap, Inferno Wrap, Lava Wrap & Exhaust Wrap, Black Exhaust Weap & HP Manifold Shield, HP Stack Sack
  • Heatshield Barriers - HP Sticky Shield & Lava Shield, HP Stealth Shield, Inferno Shield & Thermaflect Shield, Cobra Shield, Thermaflect Cloth & Heatshield Mat
  • Turbo Heatshields - Lava turbo Shield & HP Turbo Shield, Stealth Turbo Shield & HP Turbo Shield Kit
  • Heatshield Sleeving - HP Thermal Sleeving, Hot Rod Sleeving & Lava tube, thermaflect Sleeve, HP Color Sleeve & HP Hose Sleeve, Fire Shield Sleeve
  • Heatshield Tape & Fasteners - Thermal-Tie, Thermaflect Tape & Heatshield Weld Tape, Cool Foil Tape, HP Spring, HP Tie Wire
  • Components Specific Heat Shields - I-M Shield, FR Shield & HP Starter Shield, Lava Motor Mount Heat Shield & Lava Starter Shield
  • Race Car and Track Products - HP Floor Shield & HP Light Floor Shield, HP Cool Can Shield & Racecool
  • Ignition Heatshields - Lava boot Shields, HP Boot & Insul-Boot
  • Sound Insulation - db Armor & db Suppressor, db Sniper & db Skin, db Shield & db Gasket
  • Welding - HP Welding Pillow & Pinky Armor, HP Torch Blanket & HP Welding Jacket

For a complete list of Heatshield products have a look at their catalogue listed below:
Heatshield Products Catalogue

Please Contact Us for information on these products.