Holley are well known for their performance aftermarket Carburettors, they produce top quality and performing Carbies for an enormous range of vehicle & engine applications. If you need a Carburettor for your Street Rod, Muscle Car, Street Machine, Hot Rod, Drag Racer or any other vehicle, then your best option is to use a Holley. Contact the team at Superformance to enquire about Holley Carburetors.

Holleys products work on a huge range of vehicles and engine models, including but not limited to: Cadillac,Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Lincoln, Mercury, Pontiac, Toyota and many more - refer to the Holley Catalogue below to find the right part for your vehicle.

Holley produce the following types of carburettor:

  • Two Barrel Carbies (2-bbl)
  • Four Barrel Carby (4-bbl)
  • Vacuum Secondary Carburettors (Vac Sec)
  • Mechanical Secondaries Carburetor's ( Double Pump)
Holley Carburettors come in the following Series: (A selection of these is featured below)
  • Street HP Series Carburettors
  • Street Avenger
  • Dominator / Ultra Dominator
  • Ultra & Ultra HP Series
  • Offroad applications
  • Marine Carburettor's 
  • Supercharger Carburettors
Sample Holley Carburettors featured below
Holley Double Pump Carburettor's in stock Brisbane, Australia at Superformance Holley Street Avenger Shiny Carburettor's in stock Brisbane, Australia at Superformance Holley Ultra XP Black Carburettor's in stock Brisbane, Australia at Superformance Holley Multi-Carb Carburettor's available
Mechanical Secondaries
(Double Pumper Carburettor)
Holley Street Avenger
Carby Polished
Holley Ultra XP Carb
in a black finish
Holley Multi-Carb 
Setups are available

Other Holley Product Line includes:
  • Fuel System Products:
    • Fuel Injection Kits and Components
    • Carburetor Components
    • Fuel Pumps in Holley Red, Holley Black and Holley Blue, and Fuel Filters
    • Fuel Pressure Regulators
    • Pro-Jection Kits
    • Stealth Ram Products
    • Street Dominator intake Manifolds
    • Hydramat
    • and much much more - Refer to Holley's Catalogue below for more info.
For a complete list of products available from Holley their Catalogue can be found here: Holley Performance Products Catalogue (.pdf) 18Mb

Please Contact Us for information on these products.