Hurst Shifters

Hurst are an American made shifter company that produces top quality aftermarket performance and OEM replacement shifters for automotive applications. 

Here at Superformance we keep a select range of Hurst Shifters in-stock to suit popular transmission applications and we can also import any other Hurst Product. We are an Australian Supplier of all Hurst products, so if you need anything Hurst contact our team today.

Hursts range of Automatic Shifters are available in a range of styles including: Pistol Grip Quarter Stick, Pro-Matic 2, Quarter Stick & Quarter Stick 2 and V-Matic 2.

Their Manual Shifter Series are: Billet Plus, Competition plus, Indy Shifters, Mastershift 3 speed and Street Super Shifter.

Please Contact Us for information on these products.