JAZ Products

JAZ Products are leading manufacturers of fuel cells, bucket seats and accessories for aftermarket automotive applications, JAZ produce a wide range of universal fit products that can work in most vehicles.

JAZ Product line includes: 

  • Bucket Seats & Components - Aluminium or poly Seats
  • Safety Components - Driver Restraints, Window Nets & Roll Bar Pads
  • Fuel Cells - a huge range of sizes and styles to choose from, see the link below for a detailed list.
  • Fuel Cell Accessories - Filler Necks, Foam Kits, Mounting Kits, Senders, Fill Caps and more
  • Racing Accessories - Breather Tanks, Engine Block Off Kits, Funnels, Overflow Tanks, Power Steering Tanks, Storage Containers and more
  • AN Fittings and Fuel Filters
  • and more
For a complete look at JAZ Products range check out their website linked below:
JAZ Products list

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