Kirkey Racing Fabrication Seats

Kirkey Racing Fabrication are a premium manufacturer of aftermarket racing seats for automotive applications. With Custom seats designed for every racing situation Kirkey is the name you turn to when you want a strong, versatile and stylish aftermarket seat.
Kirkey Racing Seats are all universal fit and can be adapted to work in any motor vehicle application.
For all Kirkey Racing Seats here in Australia, the best place to find Kirkey is with our team at Superformance. We are an Australian supplier of Kirkey Racing Seats, we can source and supply any style or series of seat that you could need in your motor vehicle.

Kirkey Racing Seats product Line is as follows:

91 Series - SFI 39.1 Certified Custom Containment Seat
89 Series Kit - Intermediate 10º Layback Containment Seat & Black Cover
79 Series - Sprint Car Deluxe 10º Layback Containment Seat SFI 39.2 Certified
73 Series Kit - Asphalt 15º Layback Containment Seat with Black Cover
71 Series - Standard 20º Road Race Containment Seat
70 Series Kit- Standard 20º Layback Containment Seat with Black Cover
68 Series - Intermediate 18º Layback Containment Seat
58LW Series - Lightweight 20º Layback Seat
56LW Series - Lightweight 10º Layback Seat
50 Series - Lightweight Micro Mini Sprint 10º Layback Seat
47 Series - Intermediate 15º Layback Road Race Seat
45 Series - Deluxe 18º Layback Road Race Containment Seat
41V Series - Vintage Class Bucket
41 Series - Pro-Street Drag
39 Series - Intermediate 10º Layback Seat
36 Series - Intermediate 20º Layback Seat
36C Series - Intermediate Youth Layback
34 Series - Child Adjustable Containment
28 Series - Mini-Cup
28C Series - Mini-Cup Child
27 Series - Micro Mini Sprint 10º Layback Containment Seat
24 Series - Quarter Midget 8º Layback Child Seat
21 Series - High Back Kart
20 Series - Economy "BIG BOY"
19 Series - Economy 10º Layback Seat
16 Series - Economy Drag
09 Series - Economy 20º Layback Seat

Below is a small sample of Seats produced by Kirkey Racing Fabrications, please note that all seats come in either a bare metal frame so you can get your own upholstery to match your current vehicle, or with Kirkeys Upholstery which comes in limited options varying per seat, enquire today and find out more.
Kirkey Racing Seats Australia Series 20 Big Boy Economy Seat Kirkey Racing Seats Australia Series 16 Economy Drag Car Seat Kirkey Racing Seats Australia Series 71 Road Race Containment Seat
Series 20 "Big Boy" Economy Series 16 Economy Drag Seat Series 71 20° Standard
Road Race Containment Seat

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