Lunati are an American manufacturer of quality engine components, using cutting edge technology to ensure precision and quality is at the highest of standards. Every Lunati product undergoes extensive testing and analysis to ensure the end product can withstand any racing condition required.

Here at Superformance we have been supplying Lunati products for several years, we can source and assist with any Lunati product query you may have. We are Australian suppliers for Lunati and as such we can supply any part required, contact us today and enquire about lunati products for your vehicle.

Lunati Products include:

  • Camshafts to suit a wide range of applications including: Ford Camshafts, Chevrolet Camshafts, Chrysler Camshafts, AMC Camshafts, Buick Camshafts, Cadillac Camshafts, Oldsmobile Camshafts, Pontiac Camshafts and even Holden Camshafts available for their 253-308 engines and Holden 304-350 engines.
  • Valvetrain components for a wide range of applications, including:
    • Lifters
    • Push Rods
    • Rocker Arms & Rocker Arm Accessories
    • Timing Sets & Components
    • Valve Springs, Calve Spring Kits, Valve Spring Retainers, Valve Locks, Valve Spring Cups, Locators & Shims, Valve Stem Oil Seals
  • Pistons - Lunati has teamed up with Wiseco to produce a large range of quality pistons for a multitude of applications including: Ford Small Block Pistons & Ford Big Block Pistons, Chevrolet 4-6 Cylinder Pistons & Small Block Chevrolet Pistons & Big Block Chevrolet Pistons, Chrysler Pistons, Buick Pistons, Oldsmobile Pistons, Pontiac Pistons and more.
  • Connecting Rods to suit Ford Small Block, Chevrolet Small Block, Chevrolet Big Block and Chevrolet LS ranges.
  • Crankshafts to suit a wide range of Ford and Chevrolet engine applications
  • Complete Engine Kits are available for Chevrolet Applications, Kits include Lunati Crankshaft, Lunati Conrods, ARP Rod Bolts, Wiseco/Lunati Pistons, Rings, Pins & Bearings.

For a more extensive look at Lunati's product range have a look at their catalogues:
Lunati Camshaft Catalogue
Lunati Rotating Assembly Catalogue

Please Contact Us for information on these products.