Moroso are an American owned company that manufactures aftermarket products for the automotive industry, specialising in Engine components and Oil Pans, Moroso produces top quality products in a wide range of areas for automotive applications.

For all your Moroso needs contact our team at Superformance, we are Australia's leading supplier of Moroso products and we can source & supply any Moroso product required for your vehicle. Contact us today and enquire about Moroso products for your vehicle.

Moroso Product Line includes:

  • Oil Pans
  • Oil Pan Accessories 
  • Oil Pumps
  • Oil Pump Pickups 
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Oiling System Equipment 
  • Accumulators 
  • Air-Oil Separators
  • Tanks and Covers 
  • Transmission Pans & Accessories
  • Chemicals 
  • Fasteners 
  • Brake & Wheel Equipment
  • Trick Springs 
  • Motor & Transmission Mounts 
  • Cooling System 
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Pulleys 
  • Fuel System Equipment 
  • Air Cleaners & Accessories 
  • Exhaust System 
  • Valvetrain Equipment
  • Valve Covers 
  • Ignition Wire 
  • Ignition System 
  • Electrical System 
  • Rear Axle Equipment
  • Sheet metal & Body Products
  • Steering 
  • Tires 
  • Replacement Parts
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