MSD Ignition

MSD Ignition Products are renowned for performance and quality, leading the industry in aftermarket ignition products.
Any vehicle can benefit from MSD Ignition products, High performance vehicles can achieve increases in power and ignition control with MSD.
Everyday vehicles can improve their performance and reliability with MSD products.

Here at Superformance we keep on hand and in stock a huge range of MSD products to suit multiple engine variants, whether you need a MSD Distributor, MSD Leads, MSD Ignition Control Kit, Coils or any other MSD product; we have it available for you.
If you need MSD Ignition Parts in Australia, then Superformance is the place for you.

For a complete look at MSD Ignition products have a look at their online catalogue below, then contact the team at Superformance for all of your MSD Ignition needs.

MSD Ignition Online Catalogue (.pdf) 43.4Mb

Please Contact Us for information on these products.