Pete & Jakes

Pete and Jakes are manufacturers of aftermarket Street Rod Chassis components for early model Ford Hot Rod applications including: A Model Fords, 1932 Fords, 1933-1934 Ford's and 1935-1948 Ford models.

Contact our team at Superformance for all of your Pete and Jake's needs, we are Australia's leading supplier on Pete and Jakes Hot Rod chassis components, we can source and supply any Pete and Jake product requried for your vehicle, so contact us today and enquire about Pete and Jakes products for your Rod.

Pete and Jakes Chassis & Suspension Components available include:

  • Complete Independent Front Suspension Kits
  • Complete Suicide Front End Kits & Components
  • Superbell I Beam Axles
  • Posies Super Slide Front Springs
  • Sway Bar Kits
  • Hairpin Kits
  • 4 Bar Kit, and 4 Bar Kits to suit Vega Steering set ups & Mustang Steering set ups
  • Vega Steering Plates
  • Panhard Rod Kits & Panhard Bar's
  • Bolt on or Weld on Front Shock Absorber Kits
  • Motor Mount Kits
  • Master Cylinder Mounting Kits
  • Front Crossmembers
  • Brake Pedals
  • Transmission Mounts
  • Rear Ladder Bar Kits
  • Panhard Bar Kits for rear coilover suspension
  • Coil Shock Suspension Kits
  • Rear Spring Mount Kits
  • Rear Shock Mount Kits
  • Master Cylinder & Booster Assembly Kits
  • Brake & hydraulic Clutch Assemblies
  • Rear 4 Bar Kits - in a Triangulated 4 bar kit or standard
  • Adjustable four bars
    and many more, refer to the catalogue below for a complete list of products.

For a more thorough look at Pete and Jakes product line, check our their catalogue here: Pete and Jakes Street Rod Catalogue (.pdf) 13.5Mb

Please Contact Us for information on these products.