Posies are manufacturers of aftermarket early model Ford & Chevrolet Chassis and Suspension components. Posies are a long standing company in th e Street Rodding industry and their expertise and knowledge when it comes to street rod components is unparalleled.
Posies famous Super Slide Springs are superbly designed to for comfort and durability, each spring undergoes several testing cycles and defection tests before being sold; Posies product quality control is unmatched in the industry, you can trust a Posies product to do it's job with ease and no failures.
The best place to find Posies Springs and other products is from our team at Superformance in Australia, we are a Brisbane based supplier of all Posie's products and we can source/supply any product you may need.

Posies Product's include:

  • Posies world renowned Super Slide Leaf Springs
  • 1928-1934 Ford Front Springs & Clamps
  • 1928-34 Ford Front End Kits
  • 1928-34 Ford Suspension Parts
  • 1928-34 Ford 'Elliptaslide' Kit
  • 1928-34 Ford 4-Bar Kits, Hairpins and Panhard Bars
  • 1928-34 Ford Steering Components & Shocks
  • 1928-34 Ford Brakes and Components
  • 1928-34 Ford Rear Springs
  • 1928-34 Ford Rear Suspension Components
  • 1928-34 Ford Parallel Rear Spring Kits
  • 1935-48 Ford Front Springs
  • 1935-48 Ford Ford Front End Kits
  • 1935-48 Ford Suspension Parts
  • 1935-48 Ford Brake Components
  • 1935-1956 Ford Rear Springs & Kits
  • Mustang II (2) Suspension Kits and Parts
  • 1933-1957 Chevrolet Rear Springs & Kits
  • 57 Chevrolet Suspension Kits, Brakes & Parts
  • Mopar Leaf Springs
  • Universal Parallel Rear Spring Kits
  • Ford and Chev Truck Springs & Parts
For a more detailed look at Posie products, check out their online catalogue here: Posies Street Rod Catalogue (.pdf) 12Mb 

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