Procomp USA

Procomp are an American manufacturer of offroading products, they produce a large range of Wheels, Tyres, Suspension Kits, Lighting and Accessory products for offroading automotive applications.

For all your Procomp Suspension, Wheels, Tyres or lighting needs contact our team at Superformance, we are Australia's leading supplier of Procomp components and we can source & supply any product you may need for your vehicle.

Procomp Product range includes:

  • Offroad Tyres - see below for their range
  • Wheels suitable for Offroad use - find all Procomp wheels available here: Procomp Wheels (.Pdf) 5.5Mb
  • Suspension Kits - Lift Kits, Nitro Kits, Level Lift, Shocks, Accessories and more (See Below)
  • Lighting accessories & products including LED, HID and Halogen lighting kit options
  • Offroading Accessories


Procomp USA Suspension Products
Procomp manufactures a wide range of complete suspension system kits to suit pickup trucks and SUV’s. These Kits are specifically designed to improve handling and quality of ride by using only quality componentry. All Procomp Lift Kits are backed by their Procomp Promise Liftetime Warranty. Procomp Lift Kits range from 2” up to 8” lift, and most of their kits include shocks, contact us today and enquire about a Procomp Suspension kit for your vehicle. Procomp Suspension Truck & SUV Lift Kits Australia
Procomp Nitro Kits Australia Procomp’s Nitro Kits are a great solution for increasing your ride height at an affordable price, The kits come with components such as coil spacers, strut spacers and torsion bar keys to lift your vehicles height without the need to replace all of your factory suspension components. Which allows you to run larger tyres whilst still being able to maintain your vehicles factory ride characteristics. Contact our team at Superformance for more information on a Nitro Kit for your vehicle.
Procomp’s Level Lift Kits are designed to rid your truck of the ugly factory nose down stance by levelling out your vehicle front and rear, the kits also provide enough room for larger tyres whilst maintaining your stock steering and suspension components. Procomp’s Levelling kits are easy to install and an affordable way to improve your vehicles stance and make room for some meaty big tyres. Contact Superformance today and enquire about a levelling kit for your ride. Procomp Level Lift Kits Australia
Procomp Shock Absorbers Australia Whether you’re upgrading worn components or simply upgrading your vehicle; Procomp’s Shocks are an upgrade that can improve your vehicles handling and performance on and off the road. Procomp’s Shocks are tuned for specific applications and they come in a range of replacement shocks all the way up to remote reservoir racing shocks, Contact our team at Superformance today and enquire about a set of Procomp shocks for your vehicle.
Procomp also offer a wide range of Suspension accessories and components to suit a wide range of vehicle applications. From steering stabilizers and dual shock mounts to skid-plates and traction bars, Procomp produces all the components you could ever need for your ride.
Contact our team at Superformance today and enquire about Procomp Suspension components for your vehicle.
Procomp Suspension Components and Parts Australia




Procomp USA Offroad Tyres Available featured below
Xtreme MT2
Maximum Traction
Offroad Tyres
Xtreme MT2 Procomp Tyres Australia Maximum Traction Xtreme A/T
Procomp Tyres
Xtreme A/T All Terrain Procomp Tyres Australia
Premium Offroad
XTerrain Procomp Offroad Tyres in Australia XTreme TRAX Xtreme Trax Procomp Offroad Tyres Australia

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