Rollmaster is a section of Romac that manufactures Timing Chain Sets for automotive applications. Rollmaster Products are manufactured in Australia with a strict quality process. All of Rollmaster Timing Sets utilise a billet steel construction on the upper and lower sprockets, they have designed their timing sets to use a 9 keyway positions on the lower sprocket which eliminates the need for any offset bushings.

Rollmaster make a large range of timing sets for multiple vehicle manufacturers including the following in V6 and V8 applications: AMC/Rambler, British BMC, Buick, Big Block Chevrolet, Small Block Chevrolet, Chrysler, Chrysler Big Block, Ford Big Block, Ford Y Block, Ford Cleveland, Ford Windsor, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Holden.

Here at Superformance we keep a large range of Rollmaster Timing Sets in stock on our shelves at our Brisbane based Superstore and can also source any set we don't have available. Sets we keep on hand are to suit Ford, Chevrolet and Holden V8 applications.

Please refer below for the right timing set to use on your vehicles applications. (Please note Holden is not listed below but Rollmaster do make them and we keep them in stock for V8 applications)
Romac Rollmaster Timing Chain Sets Available in Australia from Superformance

Please Contact Us for information on any Rollmaster Timing Set product.