SKF are an automotive manufacturer that produce a select range of bearings, engine, driveline and suspension components for aftermarket automotive applications.

For all your SKF needs contact our team at Superformance, Australia. We are a Brisbane based supplier for SKF and we can source & supply any SKF product needed for your vehicles application. Contact us today and enquire about SKF products for your vehicle.

SKF Product Line:

  • Wheel Bearing Kits
  • Wheel Bearing & Brake Kits
  • Timing Belt Kit
  • Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump
  • Timing Belt kit with Engine seals
  • Multi V-Belt Kits
  • Multi V-Belt Kits with Water Pump
  • Multi V-Belt Kits with free wheel alternator pulley
  • Auxillary Belts - Multi V Belts
  • Auxillary Pulleys
  • Crankshaft Damper
  • Freewheel Alternator Pulley's
  • Water pump Kits
  • CV Joint Kits with built in dust cover
  • Wheel driveshaft kits include inner & outer cv joints, boots, clams, nuts and grease.
  • Universale driveline boot kits & specific replacement boot kits
  • Suspension top mount kits
  • Suspension Repair Kits
  • Suspension Arm Kits
  • Strut Protection Kits
  • and more.

Please Contact Us for information on these products.