Stant are manufacturers of aftermarket replacement and OEM replacement Thermostats, Radiator Caps, Fuel Caps and Oil Caps.
Stant have a very large range of thermostats with varying temperature range to suit multiple vehicle make applications and also Stant has a range of universal fit thermostats that come in different temperature ranges which can be used on most vehicle applications.

Here at Superformance we keep Universal Stant Thermostats on hand in  160°F / 71°C and a 180°F / 82°C which can be used on most applications, we also carry Stant universal radiator caps and other caps. Contact our team at Superformance for all of your Stant needs, we can source and supply any Stant product you may need. Our team at Superformance are proudly Australia's leading supplier of all Stant products, if you need Stant you need to contact Superformance.

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