Total Seal

Total Seal are an aftermarket piston ring manufacturer located in Phoenix Arizona, USA. They manufacture all of their piston rings in the USA, using the latest technological advances in their equipment to produce top quality piston rings for a wide variety of applications.

Total Seal are the home of the Gapless Piston ring, aswell as several other types of Piston rings including:

  • Gapless Top Rings
  • Gapless 2nd Rings
  • AP - Advanced Profiling Rings
  • Diamond Finish Rings
  • TNT Rings
  • Gold Finish Rings
  • Advantage Rings
  • Claimer Rings for specific racing claimer rules
  • Conventional Piston Rings
  • Specialty application oil rings
  • Special M2 rings
  • Napier 2nd Rings
  • New Ultra Thin-Rings
  • and many more
For all your Total Seal Piston ring needs contact our helpful team at Superformance. We are Australia's leading supplier of Total Seal Rings, we can supply and source any Total Seal Ring required for your vehicle. Contact us today and enquire about Total Seal rings for your vehicle.

For a complete look at Total Seal's Piston Rings offered, check out their master catalogue here: Total Seal Piston Rings Catalogue (.Pdf) 9.4Mb

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