Trick Flow Systems

Trick Flow Systems provide the automotive community with a large range of aftermarket products for a multitude of vehicle options. Trick Flow design and manufacture their products with a simple goal in mind of only producing new products that provide significant power improvements from the stock product. As a result Trick Flows product list consists of several leading products in the industry. Trick Flow offers a large range of Cylinder Heads for several engine applications. Their Heads are available in a range of Performance levels, allowing everyone from a daily driver to a racing driver to use Trick Flows CNC machined Cylinder Heads.

For all your Trick Flow needs contact our friendly team at Superformance, We are Australia's leading supplier for Trick Flow System products, we can supply any Trick Flow product needed on your vehicle. Contact us today and enquire about Trick Flow products for your ride.

For a complete look at Trick Flow's product line look at their catalogue here: Trick Flow 2015 Product Catalogue

Trick Flow Products include:

  • Trick Flow's GenX® Cylinder Heads and Accessories for LS & LT1 GM Engine applications
  • Trick Flows PowerPort® Cylinder Heads for Big Block Mopar applications
  • Trick Flows Super 23® and Ultra 18® Cylinder Heads and Accessories to suit Small Block Chevrolet applications
  • Trick Flow's PowerOval® and powerPort Cylinder Heads and Accessories for Big Block Chevrolet applications
  • Trick Flow's Twisted Wedge® Cylinder Heads and High Port® Cylinder Heads and Accessories for Small Block Ford applications
  • Trick Flow's PowerPort® Cylinder Heads and Accessories to suit Ford 429/460 applications
  • Valvetrain components to suit above engine applications include:
    • Hydraulic Lifters
    • Cam Degree and Supplement Kits
    • Chromoly Pushrods
    • Pushrod Length Checkers
    • Track Max® Camshafts
    • Camshaft Installation Handle
    • Valve Spring Compressors
    • Trick Flow by PAC Racing Valve Springs & Upgrade Kits
    • Valve Spring Retainers, Cups, Shims, ID Locators and Locks
    • Valve Spring Shims
    • True Roller Timing Chain Sets
    • Track Max® Harmonic Dampers and Pulley Kits
  • Air and Fuel Delivery components for above engine applications include:
    • Carburettors
    • Fuel Pressure Regulators
    • Throttle Cable Mounting Brackets
    • Throttle Cable Linkage Adapters
    • Fuel Pressure Regulator Brackets
    • Carburettor Spacers
    • TFX™ EFI Throttle Bodies
    • TFX™ Fuel Line Fittings
    • Trick Flow by Magnuson Superchargers
    • TBI Spacer Kits
    • TFX™ Cold Air and High-Flow Air Intake Kits
    • TFX™ Nitrous Systems
  • Headers and Exhaust Components
  • Accessories and Tools
  • Transmission Pans
  • and more

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