1923 T-Model Ford Chassis

Superformance's New and Improved T Bucket Design!
Superformance has the Street Rodding community all talking about their newly designed T Bucket.
Background: When the staff had the opportunity to drive a newly completed T Bucket built in the USA back in January 2011 it was agreed by all that there had to be a safer and better way to construct a T Bucket. The sample test driven had no foot room, was vague in the Steering and generally felt un-safe to drive.
Preamble: The team at Superformance got their heads together and decided first and foremost that the T Bucket to be built had to look ‘right”. That being with a Traditional exposed Axle, nice Suspension. Sprint Car type Headers and the usual other features.
Initial Design:  Our in house Design Engineer along with owners Gail and Grant, Our Chassis Builder, Our Engineer, Two Laboratories, One University, TAC and ASRF all had a hand in coming up with the final design.
Final Design:  The highly skilled and qualified team came up with a number of critical changes to greatly improve safety and driveability. These changes include but are not limited to.
The Steering Column exits the Firewall and not the Floor. Dramatically increasing Foot room and subsequent Safety. You can drive with shoes and socks on with our design and even have room for a clutch pedal.
The Steering Box is located at the Front of the Chassis. This allows for a different Steering Column to be used but more importantly removes that vague and wandering steering associated with a Traditional T Bucket. It is a cross-steer design.
A Tube Axle has been developed for our Market to keep the look right and provide the necessary ground clearance required for registration. Unlike our American counter parts who can drive anything.
A combined Shock and Headlight Mount keeps the front and side view looking simple and uncluttered.   
Parts had to undertake a strict Engineering process and be tested in varying ways.
In the process parts were destroyed to determine at would point they would fail.
A test jig was fabricated to test the components. The components were tested in a Mohr and Federhaff testing machine, in accordance with NATA accreditation.
Component material analysis was performed along with Magnetic Particle testing.
Front End is supplied with an Engineers Certificate.
Now our T-Buckets have been registered in all states of Australia as well as being sold in New Zealand and South East Asia.

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